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This past week I only worked on the playmat for my nieces. Mostly because my motivation was still running high on it (new project and all) and also partly because my brain didn't want to focus on any complicated patterns due to having a cold/flu/horrific-alien-plague.

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So I've been neglecting DW and I feel a little bad about it. Not that I post all that much anyway, but there's been over a half dozen posts I made on blogger and not here. I like how the blogsy app works with blogger (it is SO much easier for adding pictures and such) BUT it doesn't support dreamwidth (or LJ even) and if I try to copy and paste from blogger to here I get a bunch of weird spacing and sizing issues. I'm thinking there must be a way to make it work, and I just don't know it. Either that or the app just needs to get with it and add DW to their list.

Anyhow - I just wanted to say yes I'm still alive, still working on projects and I hope at some point to figure out how to post in both places without losing my mind with multiple edits in the process.

I know it's probably bad form to link from one blog service to the other, but if you want to see my current major WIP you can go here and see my second playmat.

It is going to be truly massive, and it might be worth following the link just so you can laugh at me for thinking I can finish it in under a year.
And if you know of an easy way to get posts from blogger to here, pleeeeeeeease let me in on the secret. Pretty please with sugar on top?
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In another long overdue update, I've made some progress on my playmat.

I had to return that library book, but not before I managed to find used copies of both The Knitted Farmyard and Knit an Enchanted Castle for really cheap. They include nearly all the things I wanted to make from the Knit a Fantasy Story book, even down to using the same photos an wording. The patterns are jumbled around a little, but they're there with the exception of just a few. I'm thinking they must be included in Jan Messent's Knitted Gnomes and Fairies book, but I'm not sure.

Anyhow, this is where I'm at right now- )
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I’m in the middle of a WIP whittle down right now, so most of my free time is going to that. I’m only knitting on my WIPs and not casting on anything new until the end of the month. After seeing how much I accomplished during the 17 days of the Ravellenic Games, I wanted to see what I could do with another 17 days. Hopefully by September I’ll have a nice post with a few FOs to show off.
In the meantime, I tried to link someone to something here and then realized there were things I had thought I posted, but apparently never did.
So this is a quick update to fix that )
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And with that, all three goals for the Ravellenic Games finished. I even had a couple hours to spare :D

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Aug. 9th, 2012 02:57 pm
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My second project of the Ravellenic Games, Purple Socks of Sex, are DONE!!

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Aug. 4th, 2012 03:49 pm
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My first project of the Ravellenic Games, the Dalek hat, is DONE!

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I spent a good portion of the Tour de Fleece watching my teammates turn out so many awesome hand-dyed fibers and seeing how beautifully they spun up. While I did think my purchased fibers were beautiful, I still felt like I was missing out on the fun of making my own colors. Not going to lie, I was a little jealous. Not in the angry spiteful way, but in the way that made me know I just had to try it for myself.
Sometimes peer pressure is a very good thing!

I ended up finding a killer deal on some undyed Shetland wool, and now it's my turn to play. I have some Koolaid on standby, but first some natural dyeing.

I looked at tons sources beforehand and pestered (and post stalked) my fellow Ravelers for hints and advice first. One of them was the person who linked me the blog with instructions for dyeing with blueberries and dyeing with tea. My info on fiber prep came from this Knitty article

Since I am practically allergic to following directions, I decided to document my whole process, so I would know what worked (and what to avoid) for future adventures. And since I was going to do all that, why not share it will anyone stumbling onto here?

and since this post is full of pictures, I cut to save those of you who aren't fiber junkies )
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The Tour de Fleece ended yesterday, and so I held over this week's review until today so I could include my 'finish line' photo.

That and a few other pics and ramblings hidden here )
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UPDATE -- Okay, so I think I have all of yesterday's formatting issues cleaned up.
Sorry about that!

Just like last week, daily posts were on my craft blog under the TDF tag for Tour de Fleece
(including some gratuitous pet pictures mixed in with the spinning updates)

And if you click through this cut you'll see the quick-ish recap right here )
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I am SOOOOOOO tired of the hot. So Very Tired.

Now I know you would be fully within your rights to point out that I, the heat hater, moved to the desert, full of heat, like a big dumb idiot. 
BUT I urge you to keep in mind that I would be within my rights to squirt you directly in the face with the spray bottle I've taken to keeping in the fridge. Repeatedly. At close range. 
So maybe you could just not point out the obvious, and deal with a few days of my whining until the temp finally drops? At least until the highs drop below 100? Please?

bit more whining and gratuitous yarn and Hedgie pics )
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No, smooshies is not some bizarro little known ailment -no need to worry!
SMOOSHIES is my very own first timer proper plied yarn.


It's a good thing I'm happy enough just toting it around and enjoying its squishability, because I'm not sure what else can be done with just 30 yards of bulky weight yarn.
Must spin more!
(but not today, because it's a Tour de Fleece rest day)
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AKA I made it a week without getting distracted and quitting WOOT!!

To the peeps reading this post on Dreamwidth - So as not to cram your friends list with post after post of my tiny increments of spinning progress, I decided to keep the daily progress posts my craft blog and only post weekly recaps here. In case you are curious (or stricken with horrid insomnia and think a week of watching yarn grow might be the cure) you can find my daily posts under the TDF tag at the craft blog

Random people who have wandered onto my blog (probably on accident, and either got lost or too distracted to wander back out) and stayed to read my blatherings - since I'm crossposting here too, you can think of this post as those annoying sportscasters who just keeps repeating everything you've already seen while stalling for more exciting action to come

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So this was the first week of the Tour de Fleece, and I spun spun spun all week long. I have a giant progress post almost ready for tomorrow, but since I did manage to sneak a few non-spinning things in this week I decided to post them separate today.

Things I done-did )
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Last post ended with this teaser pic of the Sherlock blanket I’m working on, now I’m here to show off the bunches of photos and share the links that go along with it. All the links (like most of my knitting links) go back to Ravelry.

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I love a good KAL, it's the reason I'm such a joiner when it comes to crafting. 

It is a great resource, especially if you're trying something new, to have a group (usually including the designer) that you can turn to if you have questions or problems. It's fun seeing how changing the yarn types and colors can make the exact same pattern turn out so incredibly different. Sometimes you get to knit patterns that haven't been released yet, or pay patterns for free which is always nice. And doesn't everyone having a built in audience who is just as interested in what you're doing as you are in their projects? 

The only problems with good KALs are that Rav has so many of them and I have little willpower to resist them. Not a really awful problem to have, except it's done some major adding to my WIP load. 

As of this month I am involved in 3 KALs. 

More of what I'm working on right now )
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A is for Alpaca!

First some belated pictures from my knitting group’s “field trip” to the lunch and fiber event hosted by Natural Maximum Alpacas a couple weeks ago. I say it was kind of like a field trip, but we didn't really have to leave town. The farm is on the town outskirts off in the country, just much further out than I even realized that road went.

(Then a hat I made - Yes! A real live Finished Object!!)

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