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I’m in the middle of a WIP whittle down right now, so most of my free time is going to that. I’m only knitting on my WIPs and not casting on anything new until the end of the month. After seeing how much I accomplished during the 17 days of the Ravellenic Games, I wanted to see what I could do with another 17 days. Hopefully by September I’ll have a nice post with a few FOs to show off.
In the meantime, I tried to link someone to something here and then realized there were things I had thought I posted, but apparently never did.
So this is a quick update to fix that )
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I was originally going to call this The Giant WIP (work in progress) Post of Shame, but I'm not really ashamed of my projects. I will admit that there are a ton of them though.

I've been quiet on here for a while, so here is your advance warning (if there's anyone still reading that is) I've got lots of words and just as many pictures. This time around they're all about knitting, so if you're curious what I'm working on click the link )

I have a couple more epic sized WIPs that I haven’t included, but I think they deserve posts of their own (for picture quantity alone) - a Sherlock themed blanket for the 221b KAL on Ravelry and the playmat (planning on 2) I'm making from a book called Knit a Fantasy Story.

To keep from accidentally having extra time this summer, I've also signed up for Tour De Fleece (beginner - so very beginner- spinning with the RavTav group) and Ravelympics (knitting with the Sherlock group)

I expect that any of you who are left reading my rambles and not interested in yarn crafts will have run away screaming by the end of the summer LOL
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So there's this as you are meme thing? Taking a picture of yourself on the spot, right?
Here's mine :D

What? Doesn't everyone sit around in their tiaras? Anyone? No?
Okay fine, so I added the tiara which leads to the second reason for the post

(imagine glittery sparkle text there)

Package of YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYA WOOHOOO came from Australia today, and it included the newest tiara in my collection. FUN!!!

THANK YOU [ profile] iamshadow and [ profile] kath_ballantyne

So much awesome so click the clicky )
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...and my totebags have Things in them. Lots of things because Sue is fucking awesome (and adorable, can't forget the adorable) and I am spoiled. Wonderfully wonderfully spoiled. Even though I didn't get to go to Comic Con myself *sadface* she's come back with pics, vids, stories and prezzies (did I mention the prezzies?) so that I can pretend I was there. All without the excitement of days on a bus.


In other, much smaller news, I HAVE KNIT AN IMPOSSIBLY TINY BEAR!

He has absolutely nothing to do with the awesomeness/adorableness that is my newly returned Sue, but I couldn't help but show him off.
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This morning at work Lil tells me to shut my eyes and hold out my hands, because she bought me a present at the zoo. I ask her all the usual bizarre questions - is it real? fake? a camel? a spider? a tiger? is she sure it isn't real? etc etc etc

She says I won't ever find out unless I shut my eyes and wait, so I finally close my eyes and hold out my hands.
Before she hands it over she sighs and says "I hope you like it. They didn't have any metal ones, and you have to pretend it can fly. But I picked out a pretty one just for you"

I assure her it will be perfect, just because she's giving it to me so she drops it into my hand. What is it? is possible she might have watched Planet of the Dead with me one too many times. Oops?
(Love the prezzie though)
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Okay, so it might not be the prettiest thing ever
it's the first and only thing I've ever knit.

blah blah blah bigger pic blah blah OMG I FINISHED blah )
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My most favorite spy friend personal french teacher [ profile] morgia has written another Torchwood squirrel fic for my very own birthday. It features the little stone garden squirrel above that came with the house we just got - She's famous now!!

It is very awesome & hilarious and she is wonderful and sweet to write it for me!!!

Never trust a squirrel in love <-- click it!!


Well I guess that good, because I want to make sure you also check out this amazing Jack/Ianto art by [ profile] kath_ballantyne (I still LOVE that tie pulling!)

I am surrounded by totally talented people. You guys are awesome! Thanks again to everyone :D
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Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes, you guys are the best!!

I have to point out this, from [ profile] tardistenantsue (because I am the world's most spoiled brat and she totally rocks) - a delicous Ianto brownie.

I have to admit that even though I want to NOM NOM NOM that nose, I only cut pieces from around the sides so his face is still intact :D

ps If you check out Sue's post Candy even gave me a personalized comment porn ficcy bit - I LOVE YOU TOO CANDY!

pps I can't wait to see what the squirrels have been up to [ profile] morgia!

ppps RLBF got me a TARDIS money bank! Woohoo!! Lura saw it and asked if I was going to start bringing home all my tips in change just to make the TARDIS light go off over and over.
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Quick rundown of what I’ve been up to now that I’ve gotten over being crazy sick for so long…
After this I’m off to catch up on all the reading I’ve missed. [ profile] amand_r especially - she's been busy with some amazing stuff!! Worst part about being sick was having all the free time but being completely unable to focus.
Also - Not sure if he's around to see this, but... HAPPY BIRTHDAY NICK!

The most random of all posts ever (with pictures!) )
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Here’s a page I did of my niece-to-be when she was over at our house one day last summer. Not only is this my first try on making a scrapbook page on canvas, this is also the first time I’ve tried to take a picture of a page to post it. Strangely enough I had more trouble with that part than I did taking the pictures to put on the page itself!

Close-ups and such )
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A cake made for me by Japonica, one made by me for her, and one made for both of us by MaddyLion!

frosted goodness this way )

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