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I am SOOOOOOO tired of the hot. So Very Tired.

Now I know you would be fully within your rights to point out that I, the heat hater, moved to the desert, full of heat, like a big dumb idiot. 
BUT I urge you to keep in mind that I would be within my rights to squirt you directly in the face with the spray bottle I've taken to keeping in the fridge. Repeatedly. At close range. 
So maybe you could just not point out the obvious, and deal with a few days of my whining until the temp finally drops? At least until the highs drop below 100? Please?

bit more whining and gratuitous yarn and Hedgie pics )
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So this was the first week of the Tour de Fleece, and I spun spun spun all week long. I have a giant progress post almost ready for tomorrow, but since I did manage to sneak a few non-spinning things in this week I decided to post them separate today.

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