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I'm a barista (AKA coffee girl) currently living in Eastern WA. Its a bit of a slacker job, but its the only way I can afford my out of control caffine addiction (and as a side benefit it's usually alot of fun). Most of the people that know me think I'm a little odd, the people that REALLY know me are sure of it - lucky for me they not only love me in spite of my insanity they love me FOR it.
This journal is split between my fandom obsessions (TW, SPN, Who etc...), scrapbooking and random life stuff. Feel free to friend, but please comment. It's less stranger danger that way LOL. PLUS comments = love, especially for would-be-fic-writers-in-training (still not quite ready to call myself a writer yet, especially with no bunnies in sight *pouts*)
Where do I spend way too much time? Playing medic at [info]ask_twnz and with [info]ask_theharkni&[info]asknovocastrian. Very much fun and the perfect way to procrastinate :D

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credit anagraphic @ LJ

credit anagraphic @ LJ

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