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First sign of fall? Eggnog lattes!!

I made an iced one as soon as we got the eggnog in yesterday, but it's just not the same. Made a much better hot one today. NOMTASTIC!

Second best fall sign? Return of scarf weather!

Stayed up knitting until nearly 11pm last night because I was determined to finish at least one project before next Wednesday and this one was soooooooooo close. Luckily I did, because it was pretty chilly this morning and it was nice to have on for the first part of my shift.

Went back to Bill's Berry Farm. Lura, Lilly, Mackenzie and I had gone earlier this year for the blueberry festival. This time we went for the apple/pumpkins. Sadly, Holly couldn't go with us this time either because she had to work. Instead she drew us a Paper!Holly to take in her place.

Pictures and whatnot here, probably spammed you with more than enough outside a cut as it is )
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One of my regular customers brought her dad in for a drink before he headed back home.

Who’s her dad? R. Lee Ermey!

I liked him best in his Geico commercial (hell no I didn’t tell him that)

So excited I forgot to cut this! )
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I am sooooo glad I was accomplished yesterday. Not feeling so well today (sinus crap ugh), and I’ve not done much of anything all afternoon.
-- Unless you count napping with breaks for mahjongg on facebook? No, I didn’t think so.
Yesterday was a different story. I even made some blueberry muffins from scratch, little tiny ones for [ profile] tardistenantsue to take with her on the bus for her Comic Con trip. Lucky lucky her! For the trip that is, not the muffins. Even if I did make the muffins with extra love. And sifting. I SIFTED FOR YOU SUE – FEEL SPECIAL. Moving on….

Things from our Thursday TV Night
Who episode – Amy’s Choice-

Accidental snack food relevancy again, as Amy was making muffins. If only they had been blueberry.

I may have said something that might possibly have made Sue’s plot bunnies hop around. She may or may not be writing Who fic in which Amy’s parentage is much more exciting :D Not canon, but who cares? It’s awesomeness and I can’t wait for her to finish.

Fun fact for the day – When I wear my glasses I don’t listen as well. Luckily for those around me I rarely wear my glasses, I’d rather wander around unable to focus properly than clean them a billion times a day. At first I thought this hearing to sight ratio thing was just them teasing me, but this is the second day I’ve had them on and once again I’m hearing for crap. It’s like the opposite of a super power.

Holly will wash dishes if you tell her to. She was standing by the sink talking and when told to make herself useful she actually did. I think I should have left the baking dishes for her. If only I had known. I wonder if she does windows…. *makes note to ask her tomorrow*

Other Holly fact – she is upset enough about people not recycling she will pick your garbage. She took 3 soda cans, a water bottle and a couple other random plastics when she left. I know, I know I should recycle more. If only there was still curbside pickup here. Ended up sparking recycling convo where Sue has promised to make her a sign that says Recycle Bitches. Holly is very happy with this, since she apparently says it A LOT when friends are over to her house.

I'm pretty sure I actually had "Things" to say, but my brain is all sick-scatter so the best I could do is this ramble. Ooops.
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So today I woke up in a good mood. Seriously super good mood, dumb ass smile and all. I couldn’t figure out why. I couldn’t think of anything earth shatteringly good that had happened lately. Then I thought maybe it was just a combination of little happy things so I made a list. Yes I did this at work, on a yellow order pad and in pen. If you know me then you understand that this is weird (and seems to be occurring much more frequently lately)

In no particular order here are the things that contributed to my good day  )
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So this morning I’m working away….espresso….mocha….latte….americano….etc etc etc….and one of my regulars gets to the counter and says:

“What the hell is wrong with you?”

Nothing more spoilery than a trailer, but I know some people are avoiding all CoE posts like the plague... )
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One of the lessons I have learned recently is that my scanner is very handy for making the pages postable here. Even if it is too small and tends to cut a little off the edges (so please know that I really don‘t have pictures hanging off the sides), this was much better than cursing at my camera for flashing on my pictures. Seeing as how I got the tiniest bit obsessed in making this last set of pages work, any little bit of crazy I can keep away is a good thing. So….moving ever closer to the end of last year, welcome to November and my birthday page:

Click here for larger views, more pictures and step by step info on how that card holder became much more complicated than originally planned )
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So last night was our Twilight sleepover party at Lura’s house (Oh yeah, we’re *those* kind of people). Had loads of fun with Lura, Holly, Sonya, and of course Lilly. I can now say I’ve seen the movie three more times, watched all the special features…and we managed to pick apart all the stuff that would have made the movie as good as the book. They should have hired us as consultants, then again I’m pretty sure that there’s a flood of people out there that feel the same way :)

Anyhow, this is how our party went, complete with pictures  )
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Well we got another dumping load of snow since last night (about 6 inches and still snowing!) In celebration of this I have decided to declare an early winner for Christmas card picture of the year. This picture is both hilarious and disturbing all at the same time – quite an accomplishment! The award goes to (drum roll please) Cody and Chuck!

Now, before you start calling the ASPCA for Chuck and the funny farm folks for Cody, I have to tell you this was purposely funny and not a case of a man loving his pet a *little* too much. He says it was mainly in retaliation to all the Christmas photos people send out flaunting their happy little families in the face of his singledom. On the other hand – I happen to know it took fewer than 6 tries to immortalize this happy moment. Maybe he spends more quality time with Chuck than he lets on? Just Kidding Cody! I love this card so much I had to immortalize it, so thanks for sharing.

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