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I don’t even know why I’m posting. I am so … arghh… all my words are gone. It’s like my very first post when I just sat at my computer trying to stare down the blinking cursor. As if it’s going to fix anything…As if it will bring my words back. As if…

CoE Day Four spoilers - Believe me, happy clappy I am not )
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Would you like to see what I do with my time while I'm waiting for the eternity it takes to download? If so then just head on over to the journal of [ profile] tardistenantsue where she oh so very helpfully has posted our messenger chat - I also wrote her a note courtesy of Inner!Ianto to try and get her out of play practice. Since she isn't online anymore I'm guessing it didn't work - you will also see 'sort of' spoilers (since she was watching at the time I was trying to not ask for spoilers), so [ profile] morgia you are not allowed to click the clicky until next month (sorry!! but I figure it is better to warn you, yes?)

We are equal parts fun and crazy. Click the clicky and see

Spoilers are here! Turn Back Now If You Don't Want To See!! Morgia I'm Talking To You!!! MY SPOILERY THOUGHTS FROM DAY THREE AHEAD )

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