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A Jack Hawkness update I didn’t want to have to make, a shopping trip to Wally world that helped to cheer me up, and random thoughts about packing house.

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I totally blame this on a combo of a messenger chat with and the fact I had a bad day. How bad a day? You don’t want to know. No really you don’t. I typed up a whole rant and then deleted it because it was too bitchy for me to even stomach. So what did I do instead? Inner Ianto played RP Chat with Andy [ profile] pergirl14, and then later with Jack [ profile] tardistenantsue. I sort of had Ianto get run over by Hart. It was a hit and run because Ianto was poking where Hart didn’t think he ought. Yes I took my bad day out on fictional characters. Would you rather I take it out on you? I thought not. So anyhow, when Japonica went to do dull RL things (paint. Ick) and Nikki was sleeping (stupid timey wimey zones) I decided to work on getting Ianto patched up on my own. Least I could do after imagining him into that situation. Except I’m not really sure even that turned out so well…
Anyhow, it's silly and goofy and wierd but I nearly managed to cheer myself up with it so I'm sharing with you guys (especially you guys who abandoned me on messenger!)

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Warning – This contains ranting and bitching, Delta hate and mild Starbucks bashing, blatant disregard for religion (including both stereotypes and blasphemy), dirty filthy language, and more than its fair share of parenthesis. Just so you know. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. And yes I’m fully aware I’m most likely going to hell, and that if I was logical I would just be happy I made it home safe and shush. I promise to go back to happy as soon as I get this out of my system. Then I’ll scrap some lovely vaca pics or something. Also – since I’ve pieced this together from all the jottings in my notebook please forgive any tense switching, okay? And RLBF =Real Life Boyfriend Anthony, not to be confused with imaginary boyfriend David Tennant (who I’m sure in parallel universe loves me deeply. Hey they’re my delusions, don’t judge)
Want to know what’s worse than flying? Waiting to fly.  )
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Note to Japonica Sue: This was meant to be for you, but I realized half way through I kept taking to the Harkness that lives in your head. My point being that I’m afraid you’ll have to share this rant with him, and anyone else that happens across this (you have no one to blame but yourself - you’re the one that broke me remember?)

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