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I’m in the middle of a WIP whittle down right now, so most of my free time is going to that. I’m only knitting on my WIPs and not casting on anything new until the end of the month. After seeing how much I accomplished during the 17 days of the Ravellenic Games, I wanted to see what I could do with another 17 days. Hopefully by September I’ll have a nice post with a few FOs to show off.
In the meantime, I tried to link someone to something here and then realized there were things I had thought I posted, but apparently never did.
So this is a quick update to fix that )
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The Tour de Fleece ended yesterday, and so I held over this week's review until today so I could include my 'finish line' photo.

That and a few other pics and ramblings hidden here )
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I am SOOOOOOO tired of the hot. So Very Tired.

Now I know you would be fully within your rights to point out that I, the heat hater, moved to the desert, full of heat, like a big dumb idiot. 
BUT I urge you to keep in mind that I would be within my rights to squirt you directly in the face with the spray bottle I've taken to keeping in the fridge. Repeatedly. At close range. 
So maybe you could just not point out the obvious, and deal with a few days of my whining until the temp finally drops? At least until the highs drop below 100? Please?

bit more whining and gratuitous yarn and Hedgie pics )
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I was originally going to call this The Giant WIP (work in progress) Post of Shame, but I'm not really ashamed of my projects. I will admit that there are a ton of them though.

I've been quiet on here for a while, so here is your advance warning (if there's anyone still reading that is) I've got lots of words and just as many pictures. This time around they're all about knitting, so if you're curious what I'm working on click the link )

I have a couple more epic sized WIPs that I haven’t included, but I think they deserve posts of their own (for picture quantity alone) - a Sherlock themed blanket for the 221b KAL on Ravelry and the playmat (planning on 2) I'm making from a book called Knit a Fantasy Story.

To keep from accidentally having extra time this summer, I've also signed up for Tour De Fleece (beginner - so very beginner- spinning with the RavTav group) and Ravelympics (knitting with the Sherlock group)

I expect that any of you who are left reading my rambles and not interested in yarn crafts will have run away screaming by the end of the summer LOL
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Topsy-Turvy doll for younger niece, chemo cap for donation and mittens ... well one mitten and most of the second (I said I was a bit accomplished)
Cut to save the uninterested from masses of big ol' knitting pictures )


Nov. 21st, 2010 09:12 pm
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It's snowing!

Soooo pretty :D

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Things able to make me smile seem to be in short supply today, but this did it:

Ceiling cat at the store lives! I hadn’t heard noises for a while, so I was wondering about him/her. Not only did I hear it, but ceiling cat even peeked down to see us. Now if only it would let us get it out of the ceiling, we’d all be happier. Lura tried to bribe it with some ham and cheese, but no luck yet.

Keeping myself busy lately. Noticed that I never did post some of the things I planned on.
pictures from the past week or so... )
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First sign of fall? Eggnog lattes!!

I made an iced one as soon as we got the eggnog in yesterday, but it's just not the same. Made a much better hot one today. NOMTASTIC!

Second best fall sign? Return of scarf weather!

Stayed up knitting until nearly 11pm last night because I was determined to finish at least one project before next Wednesday and this one was soooooooooo close. Luckily I did, because it was pretty chilly this morning and it was nice to have on for the first part of my shift.

Went back to Bill's Berry Farm. Lura, Lilly, Mackenzie and I had gone earlier this year for the blueberry festival. This time we went for the apple/pumpkins. Sadly, Holly couldn't go with us this time either because she had to work. Instead she drew us a Paper!Holly to take in her place.

Pictures and whatnot here, probably spammed you with more than enough outside a cut as it is )
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…and this post shows me that if I would just


That maybe I wouldn’t have a billionty things in progress with nothing to really show for it.

Have I learned my lesson? Nope. I almost think I work better this way. Or else that’s just one of the nice things I tell myself.

(Warning – this post could not be any less dial up friendly if I tried)

I finished a couple of scrapbook pages )

Realized I never posted pictures of Sharee’s doll )

The start of Rochelle’s doll )

RLBFs oh-so-ugly hat and a couple other things )

*whew* I got tired out just listing them all.
You’d think spending most my time this week home sick I would have gotten more done. Not so much. Starting to actually feel better today, so maybe next week will be different.
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One of my regular customers brought her dad in for a drink before he headed back home.

Who’s her dad? R. Lee Ermey!

I liked him best in his Geico commercial (hell no I didn’t tell him that)

So excited I forgot to cut this! )
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...and my totebags have Things in them. Lots of things because Sue is fucking awesome (and adorable, can't forget the adorable) and I am spoiled. Wonderfully wonderfully spoiled. Even though I didn't get to go to Comic Con myself *sadface* she's come back with pics, vids, stories and prezzies (did I mention the prezzies?) so that I can pretend I was there. All without the excitement of days on a bus.


In other, much smaller news, I HAVE KNIT AN IMPOSSIBLY TINY BEAR!

He has absolutely nothing to do with the awesomeness/adorableness that is my newly returned Sue, but I couldn't help but show him off.
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Okay tiniest bit of explanation for those not following TWNZ. There is a clone of Jack named Yancy. Yancy got a little friendly with the TARDIS and became ‘with coral’ (read: pregnant) Working theory is that the actual TARDIS (read: mommy) kidnapped the coral from him and travelled back in time to give it to Jack to raise in the hub.

Look at that family photo. Least Jack could have done is smile. Sheesh.
And here’s a lovely solo portrait (Who's a cute baby TARDIS? YOU ARE!!)

So in messenger one day I spouted a random … something. From Jack to his grandbaby coral:

Sand and oatmeal. You're lucky little one. You get a smooth surface and a heat lamp. I had grit and the searing sun. Sure I shove you off the desk occasionally, but Grandda's got needs
Ianto always apologizes and dusts you off after. Toughen up.
Couple days later in messenger:

Sue: g'pa, do you haz any new tales?
Me: *thinks*
Seems weird to raise his own grandkid. Grandkid that looks exactly like his own child with her would have looked. Funny thing, genetics. Guess he didn't miss the opportunity after all.
*adjusts desklamp for optimal exposure to the rays*
Sue: aww - does the grandkid have a name?
Me: not yet
Sue: that's shamefull
Me: says the dad
(she is Yancy, after all)
Sue: in yancy's defence, the TARDIS ran off with him/her/it
Now this one I started in my notebook to share, but I never finished it. I actually stopped mid sentence AND CAN’T REMEMBER WHERE I WAS GOING WITH IT. It was two weeks ago, but still.

One sided chats with Grandda (continued)

Don’t deny that polish sorted your growth just there…more than the miracle grow that turned your side yellow. I was trying to help. Really.

Oh stop that pouting, I can feel it from here, whether you’ve got lips or not. You’re half Harkness and we can’t be contained by biology. Every grandfather wants his … Grandson? Granddaughter?

*experimentally picks up coral looking for any new or more pronounced dimpling or … anti-dimples*

Whichever you are, anyone would want you to grow up faster.

You’ve had hundreds of years as it is. When I was a kid we were put out on our own most days as soon as we could walk. Okay bad safety example considering your uncle. Just avoid any time lords looking for a new set of wheels you’ll not be taken away. And if you do see a Timelord? The Doctor? Save us both a lot of trouble. and 1000s years growth time, shell building, travel time with constant sidetrips- Oh I know your mother. No sense of direction coming from that side of the genepool.

But like I was saying, save us the trouble and
And what? WHAT??
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Sue's leaving for her trip to ComicCon tomorrow - buses take time you know. Even as she sits here judging my Ianto-ish love of labels, my (apparently) bizzare way of posting here, and my sharpie induced drunk-like haze last night I'm still pretty sure she likes how I improved her luggage. Torchwood NZ branding on one side and the T blown up on the other. Harkness on top, of course.

Giant pictures this way )
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I am sooooo glad I was accomplished yesterday. Not feeling so well today (sinus crap ugh), and I’ve not done much of anything all afternoon.
-- Unless you count napping with breaks for mahjongg on facebook? No, I didn’t think so.
Yesterday was a different story. I even made some blueberry muffins from scratch, little tiny ones for [ profile] tardistenantsue to take with her on the bus for her Comic Con trip. Lucky lucky her! For the trip that is, not the muffins. Even if I did make the muffins with extra love. And sifting. I SIFTED FOR YOU SUE – FEEL SPECIAL. Moving on….

Things from our Thursday TV Night
Who episode – Amy’s Choice-

Accidental snack food relevancy again, as Amy was making muffins. If only they had been blueberry.

I may have said something that might possibly have made Sue’s plot bunnies hop around. She may or may not be writing Who fic in which Amy’s parentage is much more exciting :D Not canon, but who cares? It’s awesomeness and I can’t wait for her to finish.

Fun fact for the day – When I wear my glasses I don’t listen as well. Luckily for those around me I rarely wear my glasses, I’d rather wander around unable to focus properly than clean them a billion times a day. At first I thought this hearing to sight ratio thing was just them teasing me, but this is the second day I’ve had them on and once again I’m hearing for crap. It’s like the opposite of a super power.

Holly will wash dishes if you tell her to. She was standing by the sink talking and when told to make herself useful she actually did. I think I should have left the baking dishes for her. If only I had known. I wonder if she does windows…. *makes note to ask her tomorrow*

Other Holly fact – she is upset enough about people not recycling she will pick your garbage. She took 3 soda cans, a water bottle and a couple other random plastics when she left. I know, I know I should recycle more. If only there was still curbside pickup here. Ended up sparking recycling convo where Sue has promised to make her a sign that says Recycle Bitches. Holly is very happy with this, since she apparently says it A LOT when friends are over to her house.

I'm pretty sure I actually had "Things" to say, but my brain is all sick-scatter so the best I could do is this ramble. Ooops.
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This morning at work Lil tells me to shut my eyes and hold out my hands, because she bought me a present at the zoo. I ask her all the usual bizarre questions - is it real? fake? a camel? a spider? a tiger? is she sure it isn't real? etc etc etc

She says I won't ever find out unless I shut my eyes and wait, so I finally close my eyes and hold out my hands.
Before she hands it over she sighs and says "I hope you like it. They didn't have any metal ones, and you have to pretend it can fly. But I picked out a pretty one just for you"

I assure her it will be perfect, just because she's giving it to me so she drops it into my hand. What is it? is possible she might have watched Planet of the Dead with me one too many times. Oops?
(Love the prezzie though)
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I have been very lazy, Thursday snack-wise. Way too many weeks since we’ve had a teenytiny snack worth mentioning.

We’re rewatching the current season of Who since Holly has no other way to watch and is horribly behind. Tonight’s episode is The Time of Angels. The angels in blink scared the crap out of her hahahaha

Tonight’s snack? Angel shaped sugar cookies :D

…way too many cookies. I hope they’re hungry tonight!

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Book meme (tagged by [ profile] morgia)

1. Grab the nearest book.
2. Open the book to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the text of the next 4-7 sentences on your LJ along with these instructions.
5. Don't you dare dig for that "cool" or "intellectual" book in your closet! I know you were thinking about it! Just pick up whatever is closest (unless it's too troublesome to reach and is really heavy. Then go back to step 1).
6. Tag five people.

“Your father is a washed-out clock jockey. I think you over-estimate his chances – and his talents. Besides, we’ve got the summer of 1947 locked down so tight not even a transtemporal gnat could get back there without us knowing about it. Retrieve Jack from ‘The Raven’ and you can have your own dear hubby back.”

You made me read ahead and spoiler myself Nadine, hope you’re happy :P

The book is Lost in a Good Book (Jasper Fforde), and lucky for me I was reading it on Thursday (haha Thursday Next) Sorry. Moving on... The book underneath it is The Complete Sherlock Holmes, much much heavier.

Not going to tag anyone, but do it if you feel like (and don’t think the book you’re reading is too embarrassing)

Now for a few pictures from our trip into the mountains this weekend. Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends mean the giant flea market takes over Packwood and we usually try to make it to at least one. )
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Why oh why did I fight getting a laptop for so long? I am currently on the computer, but outside, enjoying the humidity. When it’s cool and humid I am a happy camper, usually we get impossibly hot and dry days the closer it gets to summer.

Since no one is online and I'm bored to tears - well not quite, but close - you get a random post of random from me today. Sure I could stop procrastinating and work on my todo list, but where's the fun in that? )

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