Nov. 21st, 2010 09:12 pm
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It's snowing!

Soooo pretty :D

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…and this post shows me that if I would just


That maybe I wouldn’t have a billionty things in progress with nothing to really show for it.

Have I learned my lesson? Nope. I almost think I work better this way. Or else that’s just one of the nice things I tell myself.

(Warning – this post could not be any less dial up friendly if I tried)

I finished a couple of scrapbook pages )

Realized I never posted pictures of Sharee’s doll )

The start of Rochelle’s doll )

RLBFs oh-so-ugly hat and a couple other things )

*whew* I got tired out just listing them all.
You’d think spending most my time this week home sick I would have gotten more done. Not so much. Starting to actually feel better today, so maybe next week will be different.
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Book meme (tagged by [livejournal.com profile] morgia)

1. Grab the nearest book.
2. Open the book to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the text of the next 4-7 sentences on your LJ along with these instructions.
5. Don't you dare dig for that "cool" or "intellectual" book in your closet! I know you were thinking about it! Just pick up whatever is closest (unless it's too troublesome to reach and is really heavy. Then go back to step 1).
6. Tag five people.

“Your father is a washed-out clock jockey. I think you over-estimate his chances – and his talents. Besides, we’ve got the summer of 1947 locked down so tight not even a transtemporal gnat could get back there without us knowing about it. Retrieve Jack from ‘The Raven’ and you can have your own dear hubby back.”

You made me read ahead and spoiler myself Nadine, hope you’re happy :P

The book is Lost in a Good Book (Jasper Fforde), and lucky for me I was reading it on Thursday (haha Thursday Next) Sorry. Moving on... The book underneath it is The Complete Sherlock Holmes, much much heavier.

Not going to tag anyone, but do it if you feel like (and don’t think the book you’re reading is too embarrassing)

Now for a few pictures from our trip into the mountains this weekend. Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends mean the giant flea market takes over Packwood and we usually try to make it to at least one. )
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Why oh why did I fight getting a laptop for so long? I am currently on the computer, but outside, enjoying the humidity. When it’s cool and humid I am a happy camper, usually we get impossibly hot and dry days the closer it gets to summer.

Since no one is online and I'm bored to tears - well not quite, but close - you get a random post of random from me today. Sure I could stop procrastinating and work on my todo list, but where's the fun in that? )
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Care to take a quick mini tour of my yard? )
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Today was mostly spent over at [livejournal.com profile] tardistenantsue's house.

Couple pics this way )
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Check out this new little Jack/Liz 10 fic by [livejournal.com profile] tardistenantsue
Spoilers for The Beast Below.
I love it. I also love the new Doctor, not as much as I love Ten (he is my Doctor after all) but enough that I feel really badly about having doubted him.

Now back to your regularly scheduled post....

Have I finished knitting my Dalek?

Not even close.

Which is why this post should be subtitled
Things I’ve been doing while avoiding Dalek bobbles  )
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Hey guys, remember when I used to go on and on about scrapbooking and my obsession with papers and chopping my pictures up to tiny little pieces and how I was gluing my fingers together regularly? Yeah I know, it's been a while. Now my craft room is mostly set up how I want it and I got some goodies for Christmas, so I've started to wrap up some of my in progress pages.

Here are a few more scrapbook pages I’ve done on my 2008 album. I know. I should have finished this over a year ago, so much for New Year’s resolutions. I claim the fact most my things were packed up waiting to move houses for months as a legit excuse.

The last two pages are from my vacation back home to see the family this past May (that’s almost current…..ish)

Cut for massive sized pictures )
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Now I realize this isn't quite on par with the freaky orange dust storm that Australia had, BUT this is not moving weather. Especially when we only had the pickup to use until RLBF gets to borrow the furniture truck from his work (tomorrow I think).

So consider these pictures my excuse for why we only moved two loads of boxes this weekend:

This is a valid excuse, right?

edited to add:
Satellite picture of all that damn dust
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So this last weekend was a blast for me...

Lots and Lots of Pictures…And this is nothing compared to how many I took! )
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I was going to put this up on Monday, but I spent most of the day huddled up in a blanket burrito catching up on recorded shows (one eppy of Being Human left) between naps and coughing fits. That’s what I get for spending the day in the mountains in the pouring down rain. We had loads of fun though. It was good to get out of town BUT by the end of the day I was soaked through. I actually stood in a two inch puddle and didn’t even notice until RLBF pointed it out. I was upset that I forgot to charge the battery on my good camera, but it turned out not to matter since there is no way I would have carried it around in that storm anyway.

Thanks to my “get better drink” this morning, I made it through the day at work and now I’m huddled back up again, tea in hand, trying to type this up before I get too sleepy.

Recap of our day at the Packwood flea market in the mountains. Cut for randomness and pictures )
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Here’s a little story of how we had the best lightening storm in ages and why I only managed to get one (admittedly crappy) picture of it.
It will also go to show you how far I will go to defend my stance, even when I’m lying and know I’m wrong. I figured I should start with this disclaimer so I don’t get any emails or comments telling me “Um Patelyne? You are an idiot such and such is just not true…” I know this, but it doesn’t stop me from trying to argue against it. In fact Anthony -I wonder if I can get him to actually answer to RLBF hmmm...maybe if it was actually pronounceable? - anyhow he was in fact right about everything, not that I’d tell him that of course. Well everything except the killer corn people. He’s wrong about that. I hope.

*goes to double check deadbolt* )
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I made this page to post for the June challenge over at [livejournal.com profile] ready_set_scrap 20A – accordion flowers. Except I also used stamping on the paper I used for two of my flowers so would that be the 20B challenge? Hmm...

Cut for masses of pictures and so I won’t annoy those on my flist not as obsessed with paper as I… )
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The Further Adventures of our feathered friend Jack, including some more pictures  )
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For the past few months we have had a couple of birds nesting in our tallest tree. They were a little noisy, but other than that they have pretty much kept to themselves. This is the story of how one member of their family has tried to branch out on their own.

Read more -- Cut for size and number of pictures )
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One of the lessons I have learned recently is that my scanner is very handy for making the pages postable here. Even if it is too small and tends to cut a little off the edges (so please know that I really don‘t have pictures hanging off the sides), this was much better than cursing at my camera for flashing on my pictures. Seeing as how I got the tiniest bit obsessed in making this last set of pages work, any little bit of crazy I can keep away is a good thing. So….moving ever closer to the end of last year, welcome to November and my birthday page:

Click here for larger views, more pictures and step by step info on how that card holder became much more complicated than originally planned )
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Getting my scrappin’ act together last year by having pages for each month seemed like a good idea at the time. However, it is now a brand new year and I have yet to finish. This is the latest installment in the adventures of my long overdue scrapbook pages…

For more/larger pictures and crying about how I’m just now getting around to a Halloween layout click here )

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