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A Jack Hawkness update I didn’t want to have to make, a shopping trip to Wally world that helped to cheer me up, and random thoughts about packing house.

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Getting my scrappin’ act together last year by having pages for each month seemed like a good idea at the time. However, it is now a brand new year and I have yet to finish. This is the latest installment in the adventures of my long overdue scrapbook pages…

For more/larger pictures and crying about how I’m just now getting around to a Halloween layout click here )
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Here’s a page I did of my niece-to-be when she was over at our house one day last summer. Not only is this my first try on making a scrapbook page on canvas, this is also the first time I’ve tried to take a picture of a page to post it. Strangely enough I had more trouble with that part than I did taking the pictures to put on the page itself!

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Even though I don’t happen to have any of my own, I absolutely love taking pictures of kids. Unfortunately, it sometimes just doesn’t work out for me.

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