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A Jack Hawkness update I didn’t want to have to make, a shopping trip to Wally world that helped to cheer me up, and random thoughts about packing house.

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Finally got an update on Captain Jack Hawkness Because that is his name damn it!

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We had to head back to the Benton City Veterinarian Clinic again today so I have another Jack Hawkness update for you guys. Why did we have to go back? I’m so glad you asked. We had to go back because another baby bird was pushed out of the nest. This one was much younger than Jack and took the fall harder. Poor little thing couldn’t even stand up. In an attempt to not get attached I didn’t name him (so he's not going to be my Ianto bird). Anthony found him in the yard this morning, and when he was still laying in the same spot this afternoon nearly passed out we knew he was really going to need help.

Back to the vet we go )
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The Further Adventures of our feathered friend Jack, including some more pictures  )
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For the past few months we have had a couple of birds nesting in our tallest tree. They were a little noisy, but other than that they have pretty much kept to themselves. This is the story of how one member of their family has tried to branch out on their own.

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