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Sue's leaving for her trip to ComicCon tomorrow - buses take time you know. Even as she sits here judging my Ianto-ish love of labels, my (apparently) bizzare way of posting here, and my sharpie induced drunk-like haze last night I'm still pretty sure she likes how I improved her luggage. Torchwood NZ branding on one side and the T blown up on the other. Harkness on top, of course.

Giant pictures this way )
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I have been very lazy, Thursday snack-wise. Way too many weeks since we’ve had a teenytiny snack worth mentioning.

We’re rewatching the current season of Who since Holly has no other way to watch and is horribly behind. Tonight’s episode is The Time of Angels. The angels in blink scared the crap out of her hahahaha

Tonight’s snack? Angel shaped sugar cookies :D

…way too many cookies. I hope they’re hungry tonight!

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Dalek O’ Doom is done!!!!

Still doesn’t have a proper name, as most of the things I called him during the making process can’t be said in polite company. Hey, don’t look at me like that! I blame the little yarny bastard for bringing out the more colourful side of my vocab. Soooooo until I come up with a better name, ‘Dalek o’ doom’ he shall be.

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Okay so last night I was on messenger with Nikki ([ profile] pergirl14)
Sadly she was stuck alone in a frighteningly empty house with only me for company (tragic I know) See a snip of our convo below. Which led us to writing an instruction manual for how to deal with Jack (or any clone/spawn from Jack) written by Ianto…with later “help” from Jack. (I’m purple and she’s the red writing, she went a bit Jack as you can see)

Patti: Watch for ghosts of jilted valentine's day lovers
Nikki: So not funny. I'm already quite scared lol. Although jb will save me.
Patti: he will?
Nikki: He's in my room right now
Patti: And yet you're still on messenger? Is Scott with him?
Nikki: No. He's dressed as cpt jack and looking out the window
Patti: Sometimes Hank dresses as cpt jack, but he usually doesn't just stare out windows. He goes all the way and stands on rooftops instead
Nikki: Lovely. Lol. You know, I reckon a whole clone of jack would just be too much for one person to handle. Save for ianto
Patti: Ianto should do an instruction manual

The Rulebook... )
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Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes, you guys are the best!!

I have to point out this, from [ profile] tardistenantsue (because I am the world's most spoiled brat and she totally rocks) - a delicous Ianto brownie.

I have to admit that even though I want to NOM NOM NOM that nose, I only cut pieces from around the sides so his face is still intact :D

ps If you check out Sue's post Candy even gave me a personalized comment porn ficcy bit - I LOVE YOU TOO CANDY!

pps I can't wait to see what the squirrels have been up to [ profile] morgia!

ppps RLBF got me a TARDIS money bank! Woohoo!! Lura saw it and asked if I was going to start bringing home all my tips in change just to make the TARDIS light go off over and over.
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Now I realize this isn't quite on par with the freaky orange dust storm that Australia had, BUT this is not moving weather. Especially when we only had the pickup to use until RLBF gets to borrow the furniture truck from his work (tomorrow I think).

So consider these pictures my excuse for why we only moved two loads of boxes this weekend:

This is a valid excuse, right?

edited to add:
Satellite picture of all that damn dust
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Moving day is even closer now, but the piles of boxes are spreading. I really wish I was done already, and probably should keep moving BUT the mess is starting to intimidate me again. Time for a break?

Jeannie was extremely unhappy with how she was unrepresented in the first chapter and demanded kindly requested I show people how useful she was. Direct quote from her:


She gave me three days, and an offer to turn a writing high five into a writing hug, so I hope she’s happy with my latest effort.

I want to pack, really I do... )
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I should be packing. I know this. I have less than a week now. LESS THAN A WEEK!! But instead I sat down and scribbled this little bit out.

I blame the fact that I'm in a great mood (IT'S BALLOON RALLY WEEKEND!!) and Debitha who said, and I quote, "I am trying to envision the clones 'helping' you pack up and move. I'm sure they'd all have excellent intentions..." Like that wasn't going to make my mind wander? Sue also did nothing to discourage me from writing this either. I blame you all, I am the innocent party here! I wanted to pack, really I did!

Ways I continue to put off packing... )
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It was a slow day at work, and I got bored. I suppose I could have cleaned up, restocked, taken inventory … any number of productive things. Instead I wrote this – The thinky thoughts of Patelyne Alemp, acting medic for [ profile] ask_twnz. I’m calling it a fic, because I don’t really know what else to call it. Blame it on [ profile] ask_theharkni, I figured if the clones are all thinking about themselves then maybe I should too.

When RP leaks into a person’s actual journal…. )
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So, imagine you’re having yourself a nice little daydream. Everything is happiness and light (or maybe not, but your own version of a happy place anyway…sorry will try to focus in the future) SO, you’re dreaming along tralala and such - then your tricksy subconscious rears its snarky head and your dream takes a turn for the worse. It happens to me, and a bit more often than I care to admit actually. So in an effort to make you feel more normal, I’m sharing a bit of my crazy with you…

What in the hell are you drinking )

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