Aug. 4th, 2012 03:49 pm
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My first project of the Ravellenic Games, the Dalek hat, is DONE!

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She is not only jealous but, in her own words, SUPERLY SO. (feel free to ignore the macaroni salad in progress)

Here is the question. Would a good friend share the new acquired lawn darts, or protect her from them?

Doctor - Now Pond, you don't want to play with that! It's old, dirty, kind of cracked, dangerous, and you don't know where it's been!

Amy - Do you mean the lawn darts or the man standing by them?

Doctor - Yes.

Jack - I'll tell you where I've been...

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...and my totebags have Things in them. Lots of things because Sue is fucking awesome (and adorable, can't forget the adorable) and I am spoiled. Wonderfully wonderfully spoiled. Even though I didn't get to go to Comic Con myself *sadface* she's come back with pics, vids, stories and prezzies (did I mention the prezzies?) so that I can pretend I was there. All without the excitement of days on a bus.


In other, much smaller news, I HAVE KNIT AN IMPOSSIBLY TINY BEAR!

He has absolutely nothing to do with the awesomeness/adorableness that is my newly returned Sue, but I couldn't help but show him off.
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I am sooooo glad I was accomplished yesterday. Not feeling so well today (sinus crap ugh), and I’ve not done much of anything all afternoon.
-- Unless you count napping with breaks for mahjongg on facebook? No, I didn’t think so.
Yesterday was a different story. I even made some blueberry muffins from scratch, little tiny ones for [ profile] tardistenantsue to take with her on the bus for her Comic Con trip. Lucky lucky her! For the trip that is, not the muffins. Even if I did make the muffins with extra love. And sifting. I SIFTED FOR YOU SUE – FEEL SPECIAL. Moving on….

Things from our Thursday TV Night
Who episode – Amy’s Choice-

Accidental snack food relevancy again, as Amy was making muffins. If only they had been blueberry.

I may have said something that might possibly have made Sue’s plot bunnies hop around. She may or may not be writing Who fic in which Amy’s parentage is much more exciting :D Not canon, but who cares? It’s awesomeness and I can’t wait for her to finish.

Fun fact for the day – When I wear my glasses I don’t listen as well. Luckily for those around me I rarely wear my glasses, I’d rather wander around unable to focus properly than clean them a billion times a day. At first I thought this hearing to sight ratio thing was just them teasing me, but this is the second day I’ve had them on and once again I’m hearing for crap. It’s like the opposite of a super power.

Holly will wash dishes if you tell her to. She was standing by the sink talking and when told to make herself useful she actually did. I think I should have left the baking dishes for her. If only I had known. I wonder if she does windows…. *makes note to ask her tomorrow*

Other Holly fact – she is upset enough about people not recycling she will pick your garbage. She took 3 soda cans, a water bottle and a couple other random plastics when she left. I know, I know I should recycle more. If only there was still curbside pickup here. Ended up sparking recycling convo where Sue has promised to make her a sign that says Recycle Bitches. Holly is very happy with this, since she apparently says it A LOT when friends are over to her house.

I'm pretty sure I actually had "Things" to say, but my brain is all sick-scatter so the best I could do is this ramble. Ooops.
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This morning at work Lil tells me to shut my eyes and hold out my hands, because she bought me a present at the zoo. I ask her all the usual bizarre questions - is it real? fake? a camel? a spider? a tiger? is she sure it isn't real? etc etc etc

She says I won't ever find out unless I shut my eyes and wait, so I finally close my eyes and hold out my hands.
Before she hands it over she sighs and says "I hope you like it. They didn't have any metal ones, and you have to pretend it can fly. But I picked out a pretty one just for you"

I assure her it will be perfect, just because she's giving it to me so she drops it into my hand. What is it? is possible she might have watched Planet of the Dead with me one too many times. Oops?
(Love the prezzie though)
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I have been very lazy, Thursday snack-wise. Way too many weeks since we’ve had a teenytiny snack worth mentioning.

We’re rewatching the current season of Who since Holly has no other way to watch and is horribly behind. Tonight’s episode is The Time of Angels. The angels in blink scared the crap out of her hahahaha

Tonight’s snack? Angel shaped sugar cookies :D

…way too many cookies. I hope they’re hungry tonight!

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Dalek O’ Doom is done!!!!

Still doesn’t have a proper name, as most of the things I called him during the making process can’t be said in polite company. Hey, don’t look at me like that! I blame the little yarny bastard for bringing out the more colourful side of my vocab. Soooooo until I come up with a better name, ‘Dalek o’ doom’ he shall be.

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Check out this new little Jack/Liz 10 fic by [ profile] tardistenantsue
Spoilers for The Beast Below.
I love it. I also love the new Doctor, not as much as I love Ten (he is my Doctor after all) but enough that I feel really badly about having doubted him.

Now back to your regularly scheduled post....

Have I finished knitting my Dalek?

Not even close.

Which is why this post should be subtitled
Things I’ve been doing while avoiding Dalek bobbles  )
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I’ve done some more knitting, heard from my Dad with travel updates, taken a better look around my new(ish) yard … oh yeah and I may have playfully threatened RLBF’s health and well being.

Crafts, pictures and general wtfery )
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...And I'm sure it will confuse all my non-awesome neighbors. Here's to hoping that [ profile] tardistenantsue isn't the only one on the block who recognizes the new logo for Doctor Who!

Speaking of my awesome new neighbor, Sue has made a spectacular Supernatural themed pumpkin and posted it here. It is currently hanging out here with my pumpkin beautifying the dining room :D

ETA: Here is a better picture of both of our pumpkins at night

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I should be packing. I know this. I have less than a week now. LESS THAN A WEEK!! But instead I sat down and scribbled this little bit out.

I blame the fact that I'm in a great mood (IT'S BALLOON RALLY WEEKEND!!) and Debitha who said, and I quote, "I am trying to envision the clones 'helping' you pack up and move. I'm sure they'd all have excellent intentions..." Like that wasn't going to make my mind wander? Sue also did nothing to discourage me from writing this either. I blame you all, I am the innocent party here! I wanted to pack, really I did!

Ways I continue to put off packing... )
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Title: Booze and a Bell - How Could That Possibly Go Wrong?
Characters: Jack/Ianto, Owen (mentions of the Master and the Doctor)
Rating: Teen
Spoilers: Info up through Season 3 of Doctor Who. Strangely enough no TW spoilers…
Disclaimer: Don’t own any of them. If I did the world would be a much sadder place because I would keep them trapped here in my tiny little town and make them put on plays for my own amusement
Note: Why does Ianto keep a bell over by the espresso machine? This is one of the ideas I came up with after spending far to much time analyzing the things hanging around Ianto’s station.
Was meant to be crack to amuse [ profile] candybree but after talking to [ profile] tardistenantsue she got some angst in my crack (wow another thing that sounds dirty, we are compiling quite a list today). Thanks you guys, even though I whine and cry when you try to make me a writer I do love you both. Anyhow I’ve decided to actually try this whole writing thing and see what all the fuss is about, hope you like it.

Don‘t mess with a Welshman with a bell. Just Don’t. )
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A cake made for me by Japonica, one made by me for her, and one made for both of us by MaddyLion!

frosted goodness this way )

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