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One of my regular customers brought her dad in for a drink before he headed back home.

Who’s her dad? R. Lee Ermey!

I liked him best in his Geico commercial (hell no I didn’t tell him that)

So excited I forgot to cut this! )
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So today I woke up in a good mood. Seriously super good mood, dumb ass smile and all. I couldn’t figure out why. I couldn’t think of anything earth shatteringly good that had happened lately. Then I thought maybe it was just a combination of little happy things so I made a list. Yes I did this at work, on a yellow order pad and in pen. If you know me then you understand that this is weird (and seems to be occurring much more frequently lately)

In no particular order here are the things that contributed to my good day  )
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So this morning I’m working away….espresso….mocha….latte….americano….etc etc etc….and one of my regulars gets to the counter and says:

“What the hell is wrong with you?”

Nothing more spoilery than a trailer, but I know some people are avoiding all CoE posts like the plague... )
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Today was the food handler’s class to renew my health card. WooHoo! I seriously wish that they would just let us take the test and skip the class (nearly two hours of zzzzzzzzz). However, thanks to a very innovative instructor, I do feel as if I came out of the class better informed. Would you like to hear the things the State of Washington feels important for every Barista to know?

I’m assuming all your little heads nodded and so I continue )
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Note to Japonica Sue: This was meant to be for you, but I realized half way through I kept taking to the Harkness that lives in your head. My point being that I’m afraid you’ll have to share this rant with him, and anyone else that happens across this (you have no one to blame but yourself - you’re the one that broke me remember?)

click the clicky to see how broken I really am )
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So, imagine you’re having yourself a nice little daydream. Everything is happiness and light (or maybe not, but your own version of a happy place anyway…sorry will try to focus in the future) SO, you’re dreaming along tralala and such - then your tricksy subconscious rears its snarky head and your dream takes a turn for the worse. It happens to me, and a bit more often than I care to admit actually. So in an effort to make you feel more normal, I’m sharing a bit of my crazy with you…

What in the hell are you drinking )

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