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In another long overdue update, I've made some progress on my playmat.

I had to return that library book, but not before I managed to find used copies of both The Knitted Farmyard and Knit an Enchanted Castle for really cheap. They include nearly all the things I wanted to make from the Knit a Fantasy Story book, even down to using the same photos an wording. The patterns are jumbled around a little, but they're there with the exception of just a few. I'm thinking they must be included in Jan Messent's Knitted Gnomes and Fairies book, but I'm not sure.

 I know they say that the camera doesn't lie, but I swear I've done more than the picture shows! Or maybe it just seems that way because that stream was so much more involved than I expected? 

As you can see I've filled in more of the grassy area and made a few small bushes by leaving then yarn in those sections of latch hook longer. I also extended the dirt path towards the stream, which I finished. 
The other major (to me) accomplishment was finishing the bridge. The bridge is 1x1 ribbing, and I've tried to make it 'pop' by threading pipe cleaners through the underside.

I was going to just do that on either side, but ended up adding one through the middle to keep it from pulling or sagging.

 I'm happy with how it turned out. Perfect for letting a gnome fish from, I think.

My major design change since my last (and only other...sorry) update is to change the pond itself. The small round pond in the pattern wasn't working for me. I've decided to make it more of an oval, and to keep the shore slightly irregular. I will probably regret having made the outline bigger once I get to filling it in, but I do like the look of the shape much better. 

I'm trying to stick with no new projects until September, but I really need to knit a couple Mochimochi pieces so I can figure out my scale better before I go much further. Is it cheating if I make a mailbox and gnome before then? It would be for an existing WIP after all...or maybe I'm just trying to justify my startitis?
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