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My second project of the Ravellenic Games, Purple Socks of Sex, are DONE!!

This pair of socks was in the Sock Put and Synchronized Stash Busting events.

This yarn was a birthday gift from way back in November 2010. I'm not sure why I let it sit in my stash for so long, but I'm kind of glad I did because the color was perfect for this project and the yarn being so old made it qualify for another 'medal'
(AND I still have more than enough left over to use as an accent color when I finally get around to knitting sockstravaganza)

The project name, the purple socks of sex, is a reference to the fandom named purple shirt of sex that Sherlock wore. Because this picture hasn't been shown around nearly enough on the internet (and even here on my little blog!) how about one more time?

My socks aren't an exact replica, but I think they are a nice nod to the original. They're also comfy as all get out, so that's a nice bonus.
I still think it's a shame that they were ruled out in the British Cricket event, but what can you do? I still have the tea cozy to finish. As long as I get it done before the end of the games I'll have two entries in that category, so I really shouldn't let it bother me.
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