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My first project of the Ravellenic Games, the Dalek hat, is DONE!

(I'll probably try to get a better picture of me wearing it at some point. This is one of those things that's really hard to photograph by yourself, especially when you're in a rush because you should be getting ready for work!)

The hat was in the Hat Dash and Colourwork Crosscountry Events, and here are my "Medals"

I'm part of Team Sherlocked, and one of our unity challenges was using the purple from the Purple Shirt of Sex. Both this and the socks I'm working on are close enough to call. AND by qualifying for British Cricket this project is a point for our team's side completion with Team TARDIS for the having the most British themed knits completed. NGL I think it's kind of funny I've done a Who themed project as one of my entries to compete against them. My tea cozy will be the other British Cricket entry. Sadly they ruled against my purple button socks because their link to the Purple Shirt of Sex wasn't strong enough (making them not British enough to count)

One Project Down - Now to work on the others...

(see the Ravellenics group info page here for links to all the competitions and if you want to check out the other projects people are doing)
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