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What do we have here?

Oh! It's a finished Project!!

Just in time for BFs nephew to get back from his Dad's for the summer, I've finished his sock monkey. 

Not sure why, but this boy is fixated on having a sock monkey and has been for ages. Even decided he wanted to learn to knit so he could someday make a bunch for himself. Because he doesn't get to spend all that much time here, he's only managed to knit an uneven garter stitch square (aka his pirate patch) I decided to help him out, and make the first sock monkey for him. He rarely asks for anything (and is such a good kid) I decided he qualifies as knitworthy even without a special occasion. I can't wait to give it to him.

I'm so excited to have it done, and actually a little jealous. The monkey came out much cuter than I had expected, even being a little squatty looking. Luckily I managed to get more of the monkey brown cotton, so if I want my own all I'll need is more of the cream and red colors.

In a less proud removal from the WIP basket, the beaded bracelet from last April has been sent to the Frog Pond. 

It never seemed quite right. The beads would shift too much. It was too bulky for a bracelet, but too thin for a cuff. Nevermind the impracticality of having a wool (washing nono) bracelet when I have my hands in and out of water all day (didn't think that one through!)

It was ... Meh. No better description. 
So now the bracelet is gone, and hopefully the yarn and beads can turn into something I'll like more some day.

Two WIPs down, 9 more to go!
Unless you count those three projects I'm casting on for the Ravellenic Games 
(formally Ravelympics, until some lawyers got their panties in a twist)
Cast on is during the opening ceremonies of the Olympic games. That's 1pm local time, and a half hour after I normally get off work. 
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