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I am SOOOOOOO tired of the hot. So Very Tired.

Now I know you would be fully within your rights to point out that I, the heat hater, moved to the desert, full of heat, like a big dumb idiot. 
BUT I urge you to keep in mind that I would be within my rights to squirt you directly in the face with the spray bottle I've taken to keeping in the fridge. Repeatedly. At close range. 
So maybe you could just not point out the obvious, and deal with a few days of my whining until the temp finally drops? At least until the highs drop below 100? Please?

I did finally give up a little this afternoon. Power bills be damned, I've got both the little window AC units going nonstop along with the ceiling fans and have strategically placed our one standing fan so we have air circulating through the main rooms (I've given up on the kitchen/dining and the craft room) 

Since the spot where Henrietta originally was ended up being too hot, I had already moved her setup. After today that put it directly in front of the fan pushing the AC out, so I worried she would get too cold (even my Hedgie has first world problems) That meant it was time to move her again, but in the middle of the day, when all the good hedgies are meant to be sleeping. Now she is in the cool but not too cold range, and happy. During the move though? I tried to wake her up nicely, because I know from experience she likes being startled awake even less than I do. She was not a happy camper.

Because I'm a meanie with a camera, here are the stages of Princess Pricklebottom's wake up

From balled up asleep so sweet, to the evil glare of "WTF is going on!?"

To the feigned indifference of "I'll ignore you until you put me back down to sleep" and then the stink eyed glare of "Who are you and why are you bothering me??"


Then finally she is awake enough to realize I'm talking to her, and "Oh hey! I do know you!" quickly turns to "Let's play! Let's explore! I smell a treat! And a new table!!"

And off she wandered to explore, until she turned sleepy once more (it was the middle of the day after all). 


Now she is back into her newly relocated home and snuggled up in her fleece filled plastic igloo, happy as can be.

I'm a bit happier now too, because at least two of our rooms are at 75. I'll be less happy when the bill for the power comes next month, but if I turned into a homicidal grumpasaurus from overheating, I'm pretty sure that would be more costly in the long run.


I managed to get a bit more spinning done too, but not all that much. And not that thin either. 

The lone bad side effect of the fans moving the air was that all the floaty fiber bits were a little harder to manage, but it's okay. I've decided instead of trying to ply this batch when I'm done, I'll just add it to the singles I spun at the tour's beginning for my cup cozy. I was needing more yardage anyway.

Date: 2012-07-13 02:07 pm (UTC)From: [personal profile] lizcommotion
lizcommotion: Gary from Spongebob Squarepants; text: "meow" (spongebob gary meow)

Also, I hope that things cool off there soon. *sends cool thoughts your way*

Date: 2012-07-14 07:06 am (UTC)From: [personal profile] kath_ballantyne
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ohh. oh so cute. I want one!! Can't get them out here though. We have Echidnas but you can't keep them as pets and they are fucking massive in comparison. Not much smaller than my cat. Though it could eat all the ants in our kitchen right now >_<

What do you feed her?

Date: 2012-07-15 04:34 am (UTC)From: [personal profile] kath_ballantyne
kath_ballantyne: Circle that is half Captain America's Shield and half Winter Soldier Star and lines representing the metal arm (Default)
I know people see them a lot in England but I don't know what the rules are for having them as pets.

Our lizards have meat catfood sometimes. You have to be careful about ash I think it is.
They like blueberries and all but I think their favs are scrambled egg, banana and mushrooms. When they're warm enough they love snails too. We just get those from our garden here because we've not really got anyone around us and we don't put any chemicals outside. You can also feed them crickets and meal worms and stuff but I couldn't stand the noise of the crickets all the time. Once spring hits again we'll give them some more flowers too. It's reasonably easy because they live here anyway. More so on the coast than out here but we've seen one or two wild ones. We've seen more of the Bearded Dragons and Stumpy blue tongues here though.

Posts/comments about cute little animals are never too long *g*
What toys does she play with?

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