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The Shlanket has another square - The shock blanket square.

I'm in shock. Look I've got a blanket!

My square is not actually orange like it should be, but gold instead. Partly to coordinate with the numbers and knocker on my door square and partly because I’m not a fan of orange.

I love the texture of this square, it’s really “sproingy” (don’t ask for a definition, just go with it)

Sproing sproing

As for my mystery toy KAL, I've finished the arms and legs and started on the head. The limbs aren't sewn on yet (because I'm not sure of exact placement) but they're pinned so you can get the general idea. I'm still hoping teddy bear, but it seems less likely...Not that I have any clue what it is though.

Pretty chill for a guy who's lost his head

I've got until Monday before the next clue comes out, and hopefully I'll have the head done (or near to) by then.

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