Jan. 15th, 2013

patelyne: (sherlock blog)
So I've been neglecting DW and I feel a little bad about it. Not that I post all that much anyway, but there's been over a half dozen posts I made on blogger and not here. I like how the blogsy app works with blogger (it is SO much easier for adding pictures and such) BUT it doesn't support dreamwidth (or LJ even) and if I try to copy and paste from blogger to here I get a bunch of weird spacing and sizing issues. I'm thinking there must be a way to make it work, and I just don't know it. Either that or the app just needs to get with it and add DW to their list.

Anyhow - I just wanted to say yes I'm still alive, still working on projects and I hope at some point to figure out how to post in both places without losing my mind with multiple edits in the process.

I know it's probably bad form to link from one blog service to the other, but if you want to see my current major WIP you can go here and see my second playmat.

It is going to be truly massive, and it might be worth following the link just so you can laugh at me for thinking I can finish it in under a year.
And if you know of an easy way to get posts from blogger to here, pleeeeeeeease let me in on the secret. Pretty please with sugar on top?

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